Rare pokemon cards are cards well WAY rarer than normal cards like legends (pic1), sp's (pic2),ex's (pic3), level x's (pic4) and unusual pokemon cards (pic5), holo's (pic6)

, reverse holo's (pic7) and others

This is rareity

unusual cards-rarest

holos-really rare 2nd rarest

legends-MEGA RARE

level x's- 4th rarest

ex's-not as rare as the other ones but still really rare

reverse holo's-not that rare, 60% chance of getting it in a pack and i've got tonnes

sp's- very common you'd get it every 2 packs or so but are rarer than true common cards

stage 2 commons-are true commons and very common and you nearly get them in every pack

basic commons-are true commons and are also very common and you get them in nearly every pack

stage 1 commons- are true commons and there's almost a guarantee its in every pack they are the most common cards out of them all